Without backend

The simplest way to get started with Web Monetized Multimedia, is to try out he UI components without backend integration.

Simply install the UI components:

npm install @eqlabs/wmm-web-components

Import the media component you would like to use (WmmVideo, WmmAudio or WmmText), in you Javascript file e.g.:

import "./node_modules/@eqlabs/wmm-web-components/WmmVideo.js"

And add the component into HTML:

<wmm-video skipVerification="true"

Note the skipVerification attribute. This means that the component won't try to verify the payments by sending receipts to the backend, and assumes that the backend is still willing to stream the media.

For audio <wmm-audio> element has exactly the same attributes as video.

And text element <wmm-text> also includes the paymentUrl and skipVerification attributes, but src is replaced by media attribute, that takes in the full text that is shown inside the component.

Look into streaming- or text example on how to implement the component with backend verification included.